The MasterMind Difference

Creativity is the most important tool for the future. Our kids are exposed to long hours at school, and desperately seek an outlet to release their creative expression and with the age of technology happening right now - it seems that creativity is directed towards DIGITECH. 

Founded by a mother whose son was keen to learn more about how to build websites, have his own YouTube Chanel, and grow an online business at the age of 8,  she searched the local area to find nothing was available for young kids. No Adult classes would take an 8 year old (even with mum accompanying him) and so she decided to create MasterMind Academy. 

Focusing on the kids of the future, those moving too fast for the system to keep up, allowing those kids to have the creative outlet they seek. Mastermind Academy is here for you. 

Yr 12 Media

 Lets help you with Pre -production, Development and Post Production FOLIO 


Does you kid have a great business idea. Let us help them plan and implement it. 

Yr 12 Viscom

Let us help you with your FOLIO. From Development, Refinement and Final Presentations. 


Social Media is the platform to build your online presence. Let us help you build yours. 


YouTube Studios

Build Your Own YouTube Chanel.  Plan, design, film and edit your own videos for YouTube

Publish Your Own Book

Want to be an Author. Well Now You Can. See your Book on Amazon.


Have You Own Ebay store and start making money by selling old things. 


Build your own website and learn how to do this for your family and friends. 

The Best Courses on Offer for Australian Kids. Visit MasterMind Academy to Find out More about our programs. 


Below are our most Popular Courses.


I cannot believe how excited Josh is about being online with his own website. He learnt how to make changes when he wants and now he is adding his own store to his site. Thank you - this has been a life changing course for him. He is no longer afraid of what the future will bring. 

Stephanie - Josh's Mum

Im an adult. I didnt want to enrol into a year long course and only wanted to learn how to build my own website and a YouTube Channel. Mastermind was awesome in that i was in a group of adults, they taught me and i am on my way with my own live website. Awesome

Michael Miller - Accountant

My daughter always wanted her own YouTube Channel. She would watch You Tube for Hours and would not know where or how to start. Mastermind gave her the opportunity to learn how to film her own clips, edit them and upload to her own YouTube Channel. She has over 16,000 views already. 


Melbourne Location:  Williamstown

Smart Phone Film Academy


Make a Smart Phone

Professional Film.

Shoot, Edit, Group, add sounds effects and special effects to your movies filmed on your smart phone.  Amazing Movies for Personal or Professional Use.


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Own Website

Design and Build Your Own Website