"Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, social justice and intellectual pursuits."

MasterMind Academy was formed in the idea that kids in todays technology savvy society are alot more smarter than the school curiculum allows them to be. With the growth in technology and science, kids these days are learning more about computers, the internet and information technology faster than we can poke a stick at. Our programs are designed to give future engineers, gamers, animators, designers, and invovators the heads up in the competitive nature of society. 


These days High school assignments are not only essays and written pieces, but can be montages, media, movies, documentaries etc allowing your kids to utilise the skills learnt in MasterMind to give them the edge in their assignments at school.  






 Nothing is impossible and your never too young. Our programs are designed for primary and high school students and we believe that information technology is not only designed for adults.  Kids as young as 2 are using Ipads and Iphones at home to learn the alphabet and to count. Kids as young as 14 are becoming Millionares in App building and Business Development. So age is no barrier. MasterMind Academy doesnt believe you need to be a genius, but can become one... 




No one is too young, no one too old. Language skills are not needed and MasterMind Academy has shown that there are no barriers in learning computer skills. Diversity in age, gender, culture and traditions are all a part of MasterMind Academy and this diversity also teaches our kids the opportunity to grow and be more compassionate within society.



We dont award scholarships to kids who are already smart.  Our scholarship program is something that teachers decide on. If teachers feel that a student will benefit from a particular program, they can make the offer of a scholarship. At times, based on financial restraints, scholarships can be awarded to some children. If you feel that you would like your child to attend, but cannot afford it, please send an email outlining your situation. 




Developed by a mother who found it difficult and (expensive) finding local tutors to assist with her two childrens after school tutoring. She also found that her kids were teaching her more about the internet, software and Iphone Apps than she could keep up with. When her son started Preschool, he had a hard time fitting in or enjoying himself as he didnt find the program stimulating or enticing enough to want to stay.

So the Idea of MasterMind Academy came about.  Bringing together University students to teach high School and Primary School students the software and hardware techniques needed to produce brilliant work and grow in intelligence.  



Over time, and with a great success rate, MasterMind Academy had grown from its small at home grass roots class to be offered in many countries all over the World. Now streaming into Australia, MasterMind Academy will be a great opportunity for Australian kids to learn techniques and skills to expand their intelligence within their school environment. 



The future of MasterMind Academy is to continue to grow. To expand into each suburb of each country it is introduced into and allow for children of all backgrounds the opportunity to learn, grow and expand their thinking. 

The classes that are taught are unique, different and has no age barrier, so anyone who thinks their kids have an interest in these programs can join in. Whats most important in generating an interest and a passion in kids Intelligence.