Pre School Classes :Ages 4-6

A great opportunity to enrol your kids into the pre school programs. 


From Speech, Reading, Writing, Sketching, speaking and creating, the pre school classes are an excellent opportunity to expand your toddlers mind. 



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Speak to our Course Counsellor today to decipher a course that is best suited to your childs needs.

LOWER SCHOOL  (Ages 6-10)

​Classes are run for lower school students to assist with mind expansion. Lots of students and parents find that there is a lack of mental expansion, that they may feel the inability to express and create to their fullest potential. 

Alow your child to enter the Master Mind Academy with the viewpoint that there is a specialised program that allows their child to grow in a space of nuturing, education and creativity. 


For kids that are technologically savvy and who have a passion for learning something new, or expanding on a specialised program, we are keen to assist in their growth to the fullest of their potential. 

Allow MasterMind to teach your kids new things, to allow them to Master their passions and to grow within a space of intelligence and creativity. 

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MIDDLE SCHOOL  (Ages 10-14)

​Primary School kids have a mind that can be a powerful tool for expansion and growth. We have found kids in between the ages of 10 and 14 have an untapped potential for technology, computers, business and creativity. 


Several successfull businesses have been created by young kids with a vision including Apps and internet websites that have generated a great income.


If you have an idea, a thought or an inspiration then we can work out a program that can be best suited to your requirements. our courses are specific to their topic but we can also tailor a course to your requirements. 


Register your interest for a course that you are interested in today.  


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UPPER SCHOOL  (Ages 14-18)

High School students need as much help as they can get. With the university and education sector being more competitive, kids need an edge to be considered for courses that have a high student application. 


Skills in Essay writing, media and arts are all highy competitive. Let MasterMind assist you in your growth and creativity to allow you to understand ways in which you can be a "Stand-Out" student and be seen in amongst the crowd. 


Many people have progressed to successfull careers without a University degree, young MasterMind students are growing with the business, technology and Arts Sectors at an incredible pace.


There is nothing that can stop you. There is no idea that is not Fantastic. Let us assist with your passion and allow it to be a great success.  

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