In App Design 1, students learn the basics of programming by creating their first app. Students use Multimedia Fusion 2, a powerful SDK, toprogram and design their apps, and learn both concrete development skills and principles of design. 

Students start with a blank white screen, but by the end of course, they will have a professional-quality app on their iPod touch®,  iPhone® or iPad®.**

App Design 1 is the first step in our App Design Program. The end goal of the entire program is to give students the skills needed to create any app they can imagine and publish it the App Stores.





  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP 


  • Download Speeds of at least 1  Mbps (Test Now)


  • Recommended for ages 8-14

  • A Mobile Device is 


  • NOT A REQUIREMENT for this course.


  • Course is compatible with any Apple® mobile device with iOS® 7 (4th Generation iPods®, all iPhones®, & all iPads®). Older Versions of the iPod Touch® may also work (bought after September 2009).










Includes App Design Software


Mutlimedia Fusion 2 is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows students to experience the power of a computer programming. 
 (Retails for over $400)