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Photography is both art and science. As an art, photography is a marvelous tool of creative, self-expression.

And as photojournalists know, a photograph can open a person's mind or even change it. Photography is a form of communication.

But it also is a wonderful technical tool, teaching lessons in science (light, math, etc.) and computer skills.
The best way to teach photography to children is with hands on lessons. 










Course Entails: 

People Pictures

  • Portraits

  • Lighting 

  • Shooting in No-Flash Zones

  • Family Portraits

  • Photojournalism 

Things that Glow in the Night

  • On-camera Flash

  • Candles 

  • Night Portrait

  • Fireworks

  • Holidays

Sports Photography

  • Where to focus in a game for the most exciting pictures

  • How to pan just like a pro

  • Freeze!

  • Blurring on purpose 



Photographing Pets

  • Professional pet photographers' secrets

  • Why most pet photos often blur and how to prevent this

  • Putting your pet in the best light 

  • Focusing

  • Angle

  • Capturing your Pet's Personality

  • Background Counts

Wild & Wooly
How the Pros Photograph Wildlife

  • In your Backyard

  • Safety First

  • Birds

  • Insects

  • Sanctuaries & Zoos


  • How to use light and shadows

  • Composition Tips

  • Secrets of Great Sunset Shots

  • Shooting Urban Landscapes

  • Winter Wonderlands

  • Beaches without glare

Flower Power

  • Picture Perfect Flowers

  • Angle & Light

  • Blowing in the Wind

  • Going Macro (how to get fantastic close-ups of anything)

Vacation Photos

  • Adding Drama

  • Clutter Clean-up

  • Photographing the Locals (etiquette and more)

  • Candid or Posed?

  • Telling your vacation story through photos

  • Logistics (what to bring)

The Digital Darkroom

  • Upload to your Computer and Getting Organized

  • Edit & Manipulate your Photos (includes intros to these techniques - from cropping to special effects - and links to the most popular photo editing software from basic to advanced, including free downloads.)

  • Share your Photos: (printing, photo sharing sites, preparing photos for email, and photo crafts & gift ideas.

  • Explore

  • Photography Careers










Term Long Course.


$55 Per Session - One Session a Week. 


You Will Need: Your Own Digital SLR or Smart Phone



Call 1800 022 551 to Enrol