MasterMind Academy of Australia is pleased to bring an online platform of 3D Game Design. Enrol into a Course Today. 

In this course, students learn how to operate and design within a three dimensional space. They gain a thorough understanding of the X, Y, and Z axes as they create complex 3D layouts for their levels.

Students adjust lighting, textures, and materials in their game in order to design a world exactly the way they imagine it. Throughout the course, we encourage students to use creativity, while also stressing fundamental principles of 3D Game Design. 

Students are taught these programming concepts through engaging educational videos that are the basis of our educational method.  What they learn will be reinforced through interactive exercises and quizzes on our unique learning platform. 

At the end of the course, students will have a finished 3D game that they can be proud of, which they can share with family and friends. They can also continue to create new games using the 3D software.





  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP

  • A Mouse with a Scroll Wheel

  • Network speeds: Greater than 1 Mbps (Test Network Speeds)

  • Recommended age 8-14





  • 3D video game design  

  • PC level design techniques

  • Models, textures, volumes, particle effects & lighting

  • OWL Game Creator software (included) ‚Äč













Interactive Lesson

Software included

Project Learning

Safe For Kids

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