Sketching & Drawing Classes

Is your child into sketching and drawing?


Do they want to learn new skills and take their sketching and drawing to a different level, or are you wanting your child to be in a group environment where this skill is nurtured rather than taught. 


Suitable for kids in different age groups


4 y/o,

5-6 y/o

7 - 8 y/o

9- 11 y/o 


Each age group will work on skills suitable for their age group.


At times an excursion may take place to local parks and gardens and have a lesson outdoors.  


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Every animation school and every animation expert emphasises the importance of good drawing skills. Whether to gain admission to a competetive school or to land a desirable job, the consensus is, sharpen your drawing skills. This applies equally to those interested primarilly in computer animation. Drawing cultivates the minds ability to hold and realize a specific image. It is essential for communicating ideas quickly and easily in such a visually oriented medium. And the masters of the past have set a very high standard of skill for those following in their footsteps.


While we do work with live models, we also work from video tape, freeze framing the action of a selected sequence, and using the "poses" as animation drawings. Students go through a series of assignments that involve the basic drawing principles and the ability to create movement with drawings, or "animation". 


using bamboo tablets and other hardware... this is a great course for those interested in drawing