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8 Week Course   |   Cost: $55pw for 8 weeks. 


One Session Per Week:

Each Session is 60 minutes. 

Concluding with your published and live website


Website Advanced: 

ECommerce Site: To Sell Products Online: 

Additional 2 Weeks 


One Day Intensive Website Course: $380 

CALL 1800 022 551 to Enrol

These Days - If you are Not online - You Do not exist. 


Everyone needs a website - whether it be for personal reasons 


To Share their ideas

to Put their business on line

to Sell products

Or as a simple Resume


A website is an essential part of the future. 


This course teaches you the most fundamental skill to be able to build your own website. 


Simple - Easy to Use interface

Great Templates and interactive animations and videos


You can create a beautifully stunning website in our course which leaves you to be a website developer in 6 weeks. 


Website developers charge in excess of $500 for a simple website interface - 

For less than that - we can teach you to make your own website, which then gives you the skill to create another and another and another. 


Why catch a fish for the villager when you can teach the village to catch fish? 



We Not only teach you to build a stunning professional website we also show you


SEO Search Engine Optimisation 

How to get your own domain name

how to connect your domain to your website via Nameserver

How to make changes - add APPs 

Create your own Logo

and Launch... 


Book in for a Build Your Own Website Course Today.