MasterMind Meditation, LifeCoaching & Counselling

MasterMind Counselling & Life Coaching

Is your child in need of a friend? someone they can talk to about their problems. In need of some advice or some assistance in decisions in their life and life choices. 


Are there some family issues or friends issues that you feel they may need to talk about? 


Or what about career choices or pathways in their life? 


Counselling and life coaching with MasterMind is not clinical therapy, but rather a non invasive style of friendship.


We can meet in the Office, or a meeting in place like sports clubs or at home, at a restaurant or cafe to talk about anything that needs to be talked about. External Appointments will require a Parent attending or being nearby. 


Counselling and life coaching is important for teens who are having social or personal problems and parents cant seem to get through...    Call us today to assist your child in their personal requirements.




Meditation helps with relaxation and clarity of mind.


Meditation classes are great for those who carry heavy stress especially with exam periods and assignment deadlines.


Our classes can assist you to feel calm, clear the mind and assists with writers blocks.


Or enrol into a course to teach you to meditate at home rather than in a group environment.


A once off class is great as well as a private session to allow to to learn a meditation routine and guided meditation technique to utilise when you require.. Call today to book

Drop In Meditation Class : $10 45 Minutes

Weekly Meditation Classes $35 a month

Classes are held in Strathmore

Private Meditation Class $30 45 minutes

Phone: 1800 022 551 to Register